I’ve been completely satisfied with my GelPax orders.  They are received on time, at a cost that is reasonable to me and they are of excellent quality.  More importantly though is the overwhelmingly positive response from my patients.  We keep these ice packs in a freezer so they’re ready to go whenever a patient needs one.  I give one to every new patient and have used them as inclusions in running race packages.  They keep my clinic at top-of-mind with my current and future patients whenever they are needing to ice an injury.  They are just the right size for icing injured joints or muscles, and are malleable enough even when frozen to contour around specific areas. Dentists give toothbrushes, optometrists give eyeglass cases, I give ice packs!


                                                                                                  Dr. Dale Macdonald   Elite Sport Performance


As a person who is physically active and lives an active lifestyle, I would recommend this product to anyone.  Often I've needed to ice an injury, or put heat on a sore back and this product stays cold and warm enough to do so.  I would say that this is the first product that was comfortable and has stayed cold enough the longest.


Also as the Technical Director/Prov. Head Coach of the Saskatchewan Field Hockey Association, I've found this product to be useful to us in the following ways:  Promotion give always, used in coolers at tournaments & events, given to all the current elite athletes to use for injuries, and sold to families of our current membership.


Stefanie Sloboda   Technical Director/Prov. Head Coach


While planning our annual Hockey Calgary Charity Golf Tournament, we were looking for something both useful and novel to present to our 144 participants. GelPax was the perfect solution for us.


Through extensive consultation, we elected to go with a 6” X 10” GelPax in an attractive crested fleece covering. This allowed us to proudly display the crests of both Hockey Calgary and a major sponsor on the front. The GelPax can be heated or chilled and have proven to be very useful to our golfers in any weather condition. Positive comments continue to come in from our golfers who truly appreciated this novel gift. The product was delivered to us on time, on budget and with the quality promised. Dealing with GelPax was a delightful and stress free experience. If you are seeking a unique gift for your special event, I highly recommend GelPax.


                                                                                Murray E. Briceland   General Manager   Hockey Calgary


We placed an order for GelPax with our LaserHealth™ Solutions logo and we’re very pleased with our decision. We received excellent service from start to finish.  The gel packs were done to our standards and specifications with no problem.  The product and pricing is fabulous.  We continue to receive very good feedback from our clients and this is important to us. 


Suzanne Biller   Vice President   LaserHealth™ Solutions


On behalf of Westpointe Dental, we would like to kindly express our thanks to the representative for introducing GelPax to our office. With our wide range of dental procedures, the gel packs come in very handy after a client’s dental appointment. The company was able to customize the GelPax to our very own needs by sizing our custom logo displayed on the front of the GelPax. Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with you.


                                                                                                      Dr. Stuart Yaholnitsky   Westpointe Dental


After having a specialized procedure done on my legs, the clinician suggested I buy a gel pack for heat/cold therapy.  I had heard about GelPax from a neighbour and decided to buy one.  This product is excellent! 


I have bought three more of varying sizes and use them different ways.  I heat them up for warmth at night and find that I sleep more soundly than before.  I use the little one on my wrist, the neck wrap around my neck and the larger GelPax at my feet.  The first time I tried this combination, the pain in my wrist was gone in the morning, I slept through the entire night for the first time in months and I felt rested.


I continue to use the GelPax daily and am surprised by the length of time the GelPax stay warm. I recommend this product to everyone.


L.E., Calgary, Alberta







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