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Gelpakwärmers are an innovative product designed to complement the GelPax hot/cold therapeutic gel pack. 

The inspiration is Comfort on the go.

This great line of cozy light weight fleece products can keep you warm or cool anytime and anywhere. 


All Sports spectators love the Bütt. They can sit in comfort through the whole game. The Wräp is great indoors or out. Wrap it around your neck when you are working at the computer or tuck it in your jacket when you go out for your walk.

The Gelpakwärmers Päd and Päcket are cozy and portable. Great for many things - from warming beds to soothing injuries.

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Take this cozy fleece wrap anywhere to keep you warm for hours.  Simply heat the gel packs in the microwave, slip them into the wrap and stay cozy while on the run. The high quality, lightweight fleece looks like a regular scarf and fits neatly under the collar of your jacket.  Also great at home for the relief of neck and shoulder pain.
Wräp size: 4”x 60”
(includes 2, 4”x 10” Soft Ice GelPax)

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Cuddle up with either one of these cozy pads.  Simply heat the gel pack in the microwave for a minute or two and enjoy hours of comfortable warmth.  Fully portable for both warm and cold applications. Great for pain relief, sports injuries, arthritis and cold feet. 
No wires, no leaks. 
Päd size:  9” X 12” 
(includes  8”x10” Soft Ice GelPax)                                 

Packet Size: :  6”x10”
(includes 6”x10” Soft Ice GelPax)
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This unique seat is fully portable and makes any spot really comfortable.  Heat the gel packs in the microwave, place them in the seat and enjoy hours of warmth.  The seat is cushioned with 1/2" foam and a plush fleece top. The bottom is lined with water resistant nylon. 

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Convenient carry handles make it easy to take anywhere - just

Heat and Go!

Bütt size:  12”x19”

(includes 2, 8”x10” GelPax)

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