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The GelPax Advantage

    Soft Touch GelPax




Customized Hot / Cold Gel Packs




Soft Touch™ GelPax provide a soft comfortable touch for any hot or cold treatment directly to a client’s skin. These reusable hot/cold packs are made of a durable vinyl, laminated with a soft nylon material on both sides - no need to use a cover.


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Sizes: 4” round, 4.5”x7” oval, and 5”x10” rectangle measured from outer dimensions. Take a look at our New

Neck/Shoulder GelPax. All Soft Touch GelPax are custom printed with one colour print on one side.  Custom sizes and Generic brands are also available. Contact us for information on minimum orders and quantity discounts.


Gel: Reusable hot/cold treatment. Freezes as Soft Ice.


Colour: One colour print on one side on royal blue, light blue, red or pink nylon fabric. Large minimum order required.


External Material: Manufactured from high strength, puncture resistant vinyl/ nylon material.


Ideal for therapists, cosmetic surgeons, dentists and health spas for client care and comfort.


How to use the Soft Touch GELPAX:


TO HEAT: For soothing stiffness, tension and muscle aches.

Place gel pack flat in microwave for 10-20 second intervals or until desired temperature is reached. Caution! Do not overheat.


TO COOL: For first aid to reduce pain and swelling.

Place gel pack in refrigerator for cool comfort or freezer for Soft Ice.




4” round

4.5”x7” oval

with one colour print

5” x 10” before one colour print

18” Neck/Shoulder

with one colour print